Stroyko Construction - Your number one small business with big accomplishments company choice.

Whether you need a small change in the privacy of your home or a full renovation of your house, or whether you are planning a big city project and you need the help of a construction company representative, Stroyko Construction is there for you.

A new company on the market, with big ideas and the passion for building, Stroyko Construction was found in February of the year 2003 and from the very beginning started out with co-working with the City of Detroit. The company deals with small projects such as simple door/window replacement stretching out to bigger projects such as full building or renovating of houses.

Stroyko Construction unlike many other construction companies will work with you until your exact image of what you want has reached its full potential. We will try to accomplish it all with minimum cost for you the client and maximum satisfaction.

The main policy Stroyko Construction has for the client is: If you have any questions, ask them. With out communication we cannot do much of the desired therefore please feel free to ask us anything that is on your mind. This way if there is anything wrong we can fix it quicker.

Stroyko Construction will take any suggestions from you the client to make us a better and more likable company. This is the difference between us and the other construction companies, we work with our clients and take in their ideas and basically work like a big family trying to make everyone satisfied.